Sugar Yeti Brand Made in USA Custom Cake Toppers Groom And Bride Kissing Date Wedding Cake Toppers Personalized With Last Name Wooden Cake Toppers

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The wedding cake topper has a long history and has been a tradition in wedding for a long time. It has been so long in fact that most of the details of when it started are shrouded in mystery. Yet there is no denying the significance of the wedding cake topper. The story goes that it was first used over 100 years ago when the daughter of a baker was getting married. She asked her dad to make some symbol of the love between her and the her groom that everyone could see. After several attempts and carefully deliberation the baker finally came up with an idea. He secretly place two figurines on top of the wedding cake. One of them symbolized his daughter and the other her future husband. The baker felt this was the perfect symbol of their love and their unity. On the wedding day the daughter was so excited to see the cake and she was overjoyed with the beautiful gift her father had given her. The figurines stood in the center of the cake and at the center of the wedding. This showed the importance of the love between the couple! It is not exactly known if this is a true story or not but it is a fun story at least and one that shows the significance of the wedding cake topper. Ever since its introduction, a topper on wedding cakes has long been a traditional symbol for married couples. These are always symbolically placed on the top of the wedding cake so that everybody can see them. Couples have many options to choose from among various designs, colors & styles. Trying to decide what fits not only their style but their budget is something every couple must go through. The idea is that whatever style you pick for your wedding cake topper, it should be a symbol of your personality, your style, and your marriage. ThatÕs what makes it a special piece to be cherished forever. Cake toppers are not just decorations on a cake. They serve as the symbol of love that flows between two hearts coming together as one forever!
Dimensions: 100 x 1000 x 1000
Color: Wooden Cake Toppers
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