12 Taper Candles Dinner and Wedding Candles 12 Inches Tall - Dripless - Set of 12 (Ivory)

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LET'S GIVE YOU SOME CANDLE EDUCATION: So if you are looking at this page you probably like candles, don't you? Let's give you some helpful info and tips on tapers to help you have the best buying and burning experience. MOLDED OR HAND-DIPPED? So there are several methods in manufacturing taper candles. One technique over the other may impact the candles appearance, price and quality. MOLDED TAPERS: The ones you're looking at now, are made as they're called in 'molds' that form a perfect shape of a taper candle. They will enhance your tables with a soldier-like posture, a perfect smooth profile; the preciseness in form, and eye-catching display of these candles make molded tapers a favorite to many. Now, Hand-Dipped candles use a more traditional process of the candle wicks being dipped in the wax several times till it gets the desired size and shape. The look of HAND-DIPPED candles are really elegant and rather traditional and more old-fashioned. The candles will be the same shape and size, but not as accurate as molded, each candles will have its uniqueness. Hand-dipped candles may also be a bit pricier. Depending on your likes and opinion, choose the candle that is right for you! OUR CANDLES ARE DRIPLESS. WHEN A CANDLE IS 'DRIPLESS', WHAT DOES THAT STATE? The term "Dripless" for a candle means that it is made of high quality wax and will not drip if you burn them correctly. HOW TO BURN CANDLES: Taper candles need to be in a candle holder that will hold the candle in a perfect upright position. Candles should be burned in still air at ambient room temperatures of about 21°C (70 °F). No matter how great quality a candle will be, if it's tilted or if a draft blows in the direction of the candle, the wick leans onto the wax right below, causing the flame to melt the side wall of the candle which results in drips. BURN CANDLES SAFELY! Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. HAPPY CANDLE LIGHTING!:)
Dimensions: 150 x 425 x 1250
Color: Ivory
Package quantity: 12
Condition: New

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