Elegant Gold Mr and Mrs Wedding Cake Topper - Finish Off Your Wedding Cake in Chic Style

After you have exchanged your vows and shared that first kiss as husband and wife, there is one important part of your big day that remains--the cutting of the cake!Wedding guests look forward to the moment when the two of you will make the first slice in your cake. The cameras will be flashing, and the video will be rolling to capture the action.While you and your groom will be the stars of the show, the cake wedding topper that you choose will play a supporting role, so you want to be certain that you pick one that will bring that final touch of magic to the moment.We've designed the NDear Gold Mr and Mrs Cake Topper to be just that!Chic and elegant yet different than conventional couple wedding cake toppers, the NDear Gold Mr and Mrs Cake Topper is a beautiful way to finish off any cake. Our gold cake toppers have a sleek metallic finish that looks amazing in person and photographs beautifully.When we designed our Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Topper, we wanted to ensure that we were giving brides like you the very best. That's why we did our homework and studied hundreds of wedding cake toppers on the market.What we found out was that most gold cake toppers were seriously lacking. Most were flimsy and could break far too easily. Many were hard to straighten on a cake, and some weren't even made out of food-safe materials and were laden with toxic chemicals! Yuck!The NDear Gold Mr and Mrs Cake Topper is different than those ordinary wedding cake toppers because it's:- Thicker. We made our Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Topper 4 millimeters thick--twice the size of other gold cake toppers. Thicker construction means a stronger topper!- Satisfaction Guaranteed. Don’t like your product? Return it immediately and get a full refund, no questions asked!- Food Grade. We only use FDA materials to make our topper!Finish off your cake in style with the NDear Cake Topper. Order one today!
Dimensions: 20 x 720 x 780
Color: Mr and Mrs
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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