Maikun 18k White Gold Plated Classic 6 Prong Sparkling Solitaire Cubic Zircon Engagement Ring 7 new

Classical round cut 0.5ct solitaire CZ ring, a beautiful thing will add a charming hue to your finger. To wear this ring more comfortable and longer, please take care of your ring according to these tips: 1. Take off your ring when you are going to wash your hands or contact acid or alkaline detergent such as shampoo, soap or dish detergent. This ring set is made of platinum-plated-cupronickel, so when the layer of plating is corroded by detergent, it will be oxidized and turn your finger green. And please do not worry about this, this is ordinary chemical reaction, there is no subsidiary effect on your health. 2. Please clean your ring with jewelry polishing cloth to prevent natural oxidization. Customers who have purchased ring from us could contact us to get one piece of jewelry polishing cloth if you need. 3. Please keep the ring in dry place. 4. If you do not wear the ring for a moment, please store it in the ring box. 5. Little tip to prevent ring set turning green: cover the inner side of ring set with clear polish before wearing for the first time, it will stay clean and shining for ever.
Dimensions: 30 x 360 x 420
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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