Disney Traditions by Jim Shore Sleeping Beauty "Enchanted Kiss" (4043627)

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Slumbering peacefully in the top-most tower of King Stefan’s castle, Princess Aurora awaits true love’s kiss to break the spell under which she sleeps—and here is the beautiful girl’s handsome love, Prince Phillip, about to bestow the spell-breaking kiss that will awaken Aurora and restore the beloved princess to her kingdom. Lovingly crafted by famed folk artist Jim Shore, this romantic piece authentically captures the stylized elegance of Walt Disney’s animated classic Sleeping Beauty (1959). Aurora’s luxurious bedclothes are adorned with folk-art inspired patterns. With the look of handcrafted carving, this enchanting work—depicting the most unforgettable moment of this magnificent animated fairy tale—is splendidly detailed, from the heraldic atmosphere of the tower chamber to the rich folds of Phillip’s cape, under which his hunting boots are visible as he kneels before his love, to the rose clasped in the sleeping beauty’s delicate hands. The lovely princess and noble prince are irresistibly posed in front of an oversized storybook, complete with the official logo of the film emblazoned on the front cover, which serves as the back of this intricate piece. The open pages blend into an atmospheric backdrop from the animated film—the castle window with the night sky and landscape beyond—giving the entrancing feeing that you can step directly into the pages and become part of the story. Even the pages of book on the sides of this hand-painted sculpt are embellished with country-style designs. This lovingly crafted piece makes a truly novel way to remember the magic and romance of Sleeping Beauty.
Dimensions: 661 x 740 x 913
Color: Multiple
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Condition: New

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